Can You Change Tuning with Locking Tuners

Tuning is an essential part of playing any musical instrument. In the guitar world, locking tuners have become a commonly used feature. Locking tuners eliminate the need to repeatedly wind the string around a post, saving time and energy.

Tuners with locking devices are a game-changing invention. Restringing is 100 times easier than winding strings around tuning pegs as with traditional tuners. Locking tuners are designed for easy tuning and can be adjusted as needed and quickly locked or unlocked as desired. But can you change tuning with locking tuners?

You can definitely change the tuning of a guitar with locking tuners. Locking tuners don’t prevent the peghead from tuning. Locking tuners only lock the guitar strings in place so that the player doesn’t have to constantly re-tighten or re-adjust the strings.

However, they do have much less string around the tuner post. This means there is little room for tuning down a string without “running out of string.” This article answers all your locking tuner questions and gives you a complete guide to everything there is to know about them.

What are Locking Tuners and How Does it Work? 

So what are locking tuners? Locking tuners are devices that allow players to quickly and easily change the tuning of their guitar. They function as a regular guitar tuner, but instead of tightening or loosening the string to bring it into tune, they simply turn the screw in the back of the headstock and lock the string in place.

The good thing about locking tuners is that you can keep your guitar in any tuning without worrying about it slipping out of tune. Locking tuners are an excellent replacement for traditional tuners because they can be locked in place and will not fall out or come loose even if you’re playing aggressively or they’re knocked around.

These tuners provide a precise, stable tuning that won’t slip due to the strings getting wet or cold. They’re designed to provide some relief to the guitarist who wants to tune their guitar more quickly or change strings on the fly.

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