The Double Enjoyment Story

Double Enjoyment is a brand name I have been handling for the past 5 years. It’s just recently that I don’t get many people asking why that name. And I get why they don’t ask about it bow, and it’s because I don’t talk about it. At the onset of the whole movement, I remember I used to attach it to everything I post. Be it on Facebook, or my status, cos that’s the 2 places I post at. I have all the other social media platforms, but it’s so unfortunate I am much active on Facebook and WhatsApp. I normally go to Twitter when I hear something going on there. And with Snapchat, I have been going there lately too. I posted a video there recently.

Coming back to the name. It’s really a name that touches me so well because of what it means. It means a whole lot to me, as it motivates me to achieve. Double Enjoyment as the name goes, simply means enjoying twice. Yeah, enjoying twice. And with this, someone might also want to know the kind enjoyment I am talking off, is it going to Vienna to have a nice time, or what?

Let me break it down here. I used to be very spiritual, and I am still a bit spiritual in a way, though I usually pass some comments about spirituality. So my double enjoyment is basically, enjoying here on earth, as we still have life, and the other one being, enjoying after death. Christianity, as we all know has a belief, that life doesn’t end after death. And that there’s much and more life after death. And that’s even everlasting. It’s not as temporal as we are having here.

So what I mean by double enjoyment is to motivate myself and anyone that I come close to, that we have a chance to enjoy here on earth, and after death, we get to enjoy, if only there’s life there as we’ve been told.

So as we live now, and have breathe, is the time to work on both enjoyment.